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Project Fifty5ive in an online informational hub for professional advancement. Basically, I’ve seen a lot of shit working in HR — these are my stories.

That awkward moment when the Hiring Manager walks up to you and you don’t know whether you should shake their hand or not.

In the pre-COVID19 world, it was always good measure to shake the interviewers hand upon meeting them, but we’re in the middle of a pandemic so I know what you’re thinking… what the hell should I do?!

Although most interviews are conducted via Zoom or Google Meets, there are some instances where you may need to come in for an in-person interview. Here’s a simple way to avoid that awkward moment while still making a great impression.

Ask beforehand what their COVID-19 interview protocols are…

How White Supremacy fuels professional bias in the workplace

Amid the Black Lives Matter movement, plenty of companies posted statements stating they “Stand in solidarity with the Black community”, but if this is true — why are we often the only Black person in the department? Or in the entire company? Truthfully, companies participate in discriminatory practices that uphold White supremacy, however, they call it ‘Company Culture’.

In a recent survey from Cubiks Netherlands, it was discovered that 84% of the recruiters surveyed said that culture has become a prominent factor in the selection process. …

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